About us

The company Sublime is located in Tunis city center, the capital of Tunisia In only one year It became  the leader of the Tunisian market for the contact lenses business of several international brands .

The Company was founded in 2017, the only main activity is dedicated to contact lenses selling , we are very demanding about the quality of our products.

That's why all our lenses come with CE and ISO 9001 certification. We are one of the few Tunisian companies that sells different worldwide known brands of colored and contact lenses on the market, including Solotica, Lazord, Lorans, Le rêve and Sweety...

Sublime is mainly operating by an online business system.

Notably via our web site and social networks.

Since the creation of Sublime, we have been working around a single value which is the customer satisfaction.

We want to offer our customers the best quality of lenses that are both resistant and comfortable to wear.

We also offer  a wide choice of natural colored lenses to wear everyday, and original to wear at special events.

Our product range extends to annual, monthly lenses.

By ordering your lenses on our site you are sure to have a team of professionals to answer your commercial and technical requests, Your can receive your lenses within 24 hours according to the color availability.