Solotica Hidrocor Rio Collection Colored Contact Lenses inspired from Rio in Brazil.

Why is it called Solotica Hidrocor Rio Collection?

Solotica company who is based in Brazil has released 4 new gorgeous colors launched first on inspired by the natural beauty of Rio de Janiero in Brazil. Each of the colors has its own story and the opacity portraits from the rich forest green to the luminous sky across Rio. Their subtle prints are high enough to cover the iris fully and to completely change the eye color.

What are the colors available in Solotica Hidrocor Rio Collection?

There are four colors available for Rio Collection namely - Hidrocor Rio Ipanema, Hidrocor Rio Buzios, Hidrocor Rio Copacabana and Hidrocor Rio Parati. All these stunning colors will surely mesmerize you with its natural looking result. We will give you hints on what to expect when you wear Solotica Hidrocor Rio Collection

1. Hidrocor Rio Ipanema - If you are in love with Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo and have wished to have it toned down, Hidrocor Rio Ipanema is the one for you! This colored contact lens features a medium blue tone with a soft yellow overlay. Change your eye color with the epic shade of Ipanema and let everyone turn their heads everywhere you go.

2. Hidrocor Rio Buzios - Among the existing green shades of Solotica, the new Hidrocor Rio Buzios has a unique green sea with waters deep and enrich with color. Imagine a green paradise portrait in your eyes - that's what you get with Hidrocor Buzios.

3. Hidrocor Rio Copacabana - Minty green is a color often associated with cooler temperatures, but once you insert the Copacabana lens color from Solotica Hidrocor Rio line-up, you’ll feel the heat begin to rise.

4. Hidrocor Rio Parati- Luminous gray eyes are always trendy! Hidrocor Rio Parati is a combination mixture of Solotica Hidrocor Ice and Solotica Hidrocor Cristal, bringing a bright and light tone to your face.

Where can we deliver Solotica Hidrocor Rio Collection Colored Contact Lenses?

Solotica Hidrocor Rio Contact Lenses are especially popular in the US, UK but are becoming more and more popular also in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. The delivery usually only takes 3-5 working days to any country in the world. In the UAE, we will usually be able to deliver your lenses on the next working day

Can I order if I need Solotica Hidrocor Rio colored contacts with prescription power (rx)?

Sure, we at hold a large stock of Solotica contact lenses at all times and should also have your colour / rx power combination available.

In case we should not have your color in your power available.

How long can I wear Solotica Hidrocor Rio colored contact lenses for?

Solotica Hidrocor Rio colored contacts are intended for annual wear = they can be worn for up to one year for every day. They should never be worn longer than 12 hours if possible. In case of any redness or irritation make sure that the lenses are clean and stored properly. In case of stronger redness or pain, always consult an eye care specialist or eye doctor.

Can I sleep with my Solotica Hidrocor Rio lenses?

No, Solotica contact lenses should always be taken out before going to sleep. They should be stored in a sterile lens case, each time with fresh contact lens solution. We specifically recommend a contact lens solution suitable for soft contact lenses. From the feedback of our customers, especially Biotrue and Renu from Bausch & Lomb are high quality products and very suitable for rinsing and storing Solotica Hidrocor Rio colored contact lenses.